Project initiators

The fathers and funders of Chakana are Daniel Kraus and Franz Schubert. Daniel, tourism entrepreneur from Germany, has discovered his love for the Chilean highlands during one of his summit climbs in the Chilean Andes. Franz, a native Austrian, lives in Chile since 1993 and has commited himself to promote the tourism in Chile. A number of projects have been initiated and completed by Franz over the past years. As tourism and mountain lovers the two of them build with Chakana a bridge between Chilean and international tourism at 3,500 meters altitude.

Daniel Kraus and Franz Schubert

The people and the place

Our goal is to give you personal attention at a high standard so that you will feel comfortable at home in our family place la Chakana. We hope you will like the Aymara culture and its source of richness, the Altiplano. The people that live here, their customs and their traditions will show you an experience you will never forget. Our wish is to receive you in this magic place where one is able to be in contact with the highlands, el Atilplano.