Duration:1/2 day
Level of difficulty:Normal
Region:Chile / Putre
Starting point:La ChakanaDownload:GPS-Data


The hike starts at Chakana in Putre. Arrival


You cross the whole city of Putre, walk past the Plaza with its old church and take the path which leads downwards from the school and the military compound to the West. You leave more and more populated area behind you. To the left and to the right only some grazing areas are to be seen. Next you follow the path towards Puquios which is lined with two old stone walls.

After about 3.9 km the path splits in both directions, up and down. Here we take the north-western side of the valley downhill. We walk a narrow path which leads along tall cliffs and let us gaze into deep canyons covered by meadow foxtail. To the right a veritable cacti paradise opens up. 4.5 km further we discover an old shepherd hut. Now and then we see traditional terraces which are cultivate even on the steepest slopes.

After another 5.8 km you discover high up a lovely viewing point and camp from where you have a magnificent view over a pre-hispanic settlement which cannot be seen from down below. After another 200 meters the Wiakahuranny rock paintings appear - red on white bedrock. From here the same path leads us back to Putre constantly bringing new views and view points over the city.


Think of drinking water and sunscreen