Duration:2 days
Level of difficulty:Heavy
Region:Chile / Putre
Starting point:Putre


From Putre there are 63 km on the international road up to the border point on Lake Chungará. Shortly after this point a dirt road opens to the right which passes the hot springs of Chirigualla and leads to a small settlement with a small chapel (15 km). At the first junction after the spa you must turn left. The settlement is located at 4,450 meters and, due to a small stream passing through, it is well suited as a starting point for further trips meant to help your body acclimatize to the high altitude and to climb the Guallatiri peak. Alternatively, you can access the settlement using the road leading to Guallatiri. The down-side of this alternative road is the longer distance on dirt roads. If you whish to go higher in order get acclimatized you have various options along the track leading up but without water supply.


We drive about half an hour uphill (14 km) whereby after just a few hundred meters we turn left. The car track is from approximately 5,200 m on no longer drivable and disappears covered by rubble in different directions. We now follow on foot the lowest trail which leads to the east up to its end. Then we walk cross-country up the slope. In the main season the orientation is facilitated by rock cairns and by well-worn trails. We cross another two trails, the second one at app. 5,380 m. We follow the broad, easy to recognize groove up to a saddle at about 5,850 m. From here it continues up the steep slope in serpentines until we reach a flat dome-like summit at around 6,050 m. Before us lies the fumarole producing loads of roaring steam. Over the flank to the left of the fumarole you continue to the hump-like summit which reaches 6,061 m.


Extreme altitude
Under certain conditions there may be strong sulfur vapors
No water in the base camp
Drivable access up to app. 5,000 m possible
Border mountain – permit required for foreigners