Duration:1 day
Level of difficulty:Normal
Region:Chile / Putre
Starting point:La Chakana


The small town of Parinacota is located 188 km from Arica and 52 km from Putre at 4,420 meters at the feet of the volcano with the same name. From the city border we follow the dirt road another 4 km towards Visviri and leave the car next to the road at 4,420 m. Alternatively, a transfer into the mountain can be organized in Putre.


We approach the mountain on the route with the lowest inclination crossing green Bofedales and grass bushes. After approximately 1.5 km we reach a caldera at 4,600 m surrounded by a South and an Eastern edge. We climb on sandy soil the northern slope in zigzag up to a saddle located at 4,730 m. The saddle is situated between the summit and a small hump-like construction. We now walk up on bolders along the ridge for about 3 h until we reach the summit in 5,105 m. The views over the surrounding volcanoe peaks reaching up to 6,000 m are fantastic. The descent is fast on loose rubble on the western slope of the edge, followed by a crossing up to the saddle which we have passed during our way up. Now we follow the same route back to the vehicle.


Take enough water along (4 liters)
Organize transfer