Coming from Arica

BY CAR: On the international Road No.11 you drive from the Pacific Ocean towards Bolivia. Distance between Arica and Putre is 127 km. Make sure you have enough fuel on board because there are no fuel stations in the mountains. You can buy jerrycans in Zapahuira and in Putre from private individuals. Think of the higher fuel consumption typical for driving at high altitude

BY BUS: Every day at 07:00 the busses of the company "La Paloma" start at the Mercado Tucapel in Arica towards Putre. In the other direction, Putre to Arica, the Paloma starts daily at 14:00.

Coming from La Paz (Bolivia)

There are several buses a day between 7:00 am and 2:00 pm connecting La Paz with Arica. Approximately 1 hour after having crossed the border into Chile you reache Putre. Get off the bus in Putre Alto. A serpentine leads down from Putre Alto to the village (2.7 Km). Either you get there hitchhiking or walking along the road or you take the shortcut through the canyon. The shortcut starts directly behind the bus shelter. The trail is marked with stone cairns and leads in 30 minutes of steep down- and uphill walk to the entrance of the village. Since there are no taxis we offer a transfer Putre Alto - Putre. The easiest way is to give us a phone call from the Chilean border. By the way, you get good exchange rates for your bolivianos at the border.

Orientation in Putre

From the village square (Plaza) go downhill passing the church and the restaurant "Rosamel" until you reach the end of the road at the military compound. Now turn right and after about 50 meters turn left. Continue the path downhill directly to Chakana. From the distance you see a water tower and white cottages. The distance from the Plaza to Chakana is about 750 m.