Duration:1 day
Level of difficulty:Normal
Region:Chile / Putre
Starting point:La Chakana


The hike starts directly at Chakana in Putre. Arrival


In Putre we walk from the Plaza towards the military compound. From there we walk up the street until its upper end where we turn right and continue straight up to a large waist-high rock where the hike through the gorge beginnings. We stick to this route and cross the gorge to the other side where the path starts its way steep uphill. Up to the highest point (3,631 meters) it takes approximately one hour and 3.5 km - here we find two colorfully decorated crossroads. Looking back we have a magnificent view over Putre and the ice covered Taapaca.

In front of us we have the path to follow. We follow the path to the right of the antennas which continues now flatly. After 7 km we reach some unusually shaped sedimentary rock. We follow the route and see after 3 hours walk a mountain shaped like a perfect pyramid in front of us. The mountain now constantly leads our way like a signpost located straight in front of us. To the left we discover in the opposite canyon a green path - the water channel.

We make our way through sedimentary rocks while constantly going downhill. The path now leads to the opposite side of the canyon which, due to its water channel, is much greener. We cross the small river which has an unusual color - orange-brownish. The high meadow fox grass shines in the sun and adorns the small river’s landscape. We walk slightly uphill alongside flowers, bushes and various herbs of the Altiplano. After 9.8 km we reach a colorfully decorated cross at 3,209 m where from you have a beautiful view over the valleys and mountains around.

From here we turn left, cross the meadow fox grass and follow the well-worn way up. Soon we reach huge head-high cacti. After another 2 kilometers the way becomes wider and turns into a drivable road. Even if we still cannot see Socoroma it is not far away. In this area we see many guanacos. Open water pipes, fences and first terrace fields are first signs indicating that the next city is closed by.

After another kilometer Socoroma lies at our feet. A cross marks this point from which a good road leads for 4 km to the village. There is a shortcut for this 4 km through the gorge.


Don’t forget to pre-organize the transfer Socoroma - Putre
Think of drinking water and sunscreen
Constant altitude of 3.500 - 3.600 meters